Section 6: Getting Started in Sefaira's Web App


Learn how to upload your SketchUp and Revit energy model into the Sefaira Web App for more in-depth analysis as well as setup the envelope, shading, heating and cooling, space uses and other features within the web application. If you don't already have a model ready for Sefaira, you can follow along with one of our demo projects, otherwise you may want to start here:

How do I move from the plugin to the web application? 

This video shows the crucial step of moving from the realtime feedback within the modeling environment to a more detailed, shareable web application project platform.

Note: See this article if you need more information on uploading to the web app. 

What are the main features of the web application and how do I use them? 

In this video we show how you can setup the basics of your Sefaira web application project. 

How do I set up the envelope of my building? 

In this video we focus on setting up the envelope of your building - how airtight is it? how good is it at keeping heat in? how much glazing is there? etc. There are a few ways of doing this in Sefaira depending on whether you are in the plugin or the web application and whether you want to draw the envelope elements or not.

How do I setup up shading for my building? 

In this video we zoom in on shading in Sefaira. The best workflow is to check your shading in the web application using our PARAMETRIC shading and RESPONSE CURVES first and then draw the specific shading that you are envisioning. This is crucial and requires a good grasp of the plugin and webapp as well as Sefaira Response Curves. It can seem backwards but will save you time and improve design!

What are the heating & cooling systems in my building?

And what can I change? This video shows 1) where and how the plugin auto selects from 3 systems depending on both Location and Building Type e.g. in Dublin it changes between FCUs and VAV w Central Plant whereas in Arizona it changes between FCUs, VAV w Central Plant and VAV package system, 2) shows how it is different for users depending on whether they have Systems or Architecture in the web application e.g. Arch users can only change between those 3 systems in the web app while Systems users have a longer list and can edit the air&water setup of each, 3) shows an Arch user setting up 3 concepts with different HVAC systems in each and the different results, 4) shows a Systems user with additional detail etc.

How do I modify my HVAC system? 

This video shows how you can quickly setup and change HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) in your building and how much your systems use to keep people happy! It is for both architects and engineers.

How do I zone my building? 

We have 3 main zoning types, from the simplest to fully zoned. Learn how and when to use them in minutes

Note: For more information about zones and how Sefaira uses them, please read this article

 How do I create and assign space uses to zones? 

In Sefaira, you can start with averages across the whole building and move quickly to editing loads/setpoints/schedules per room to simulate a more detailed version of the building while still at concept stage.

How do I compare different strategies or massings? 

Clones are how Sefaira compares different strategies. Copy and paste all your quick setup and change something to compare different building strategies 

How do I find the best value for my inputs? 

In this video we show how you can run 10x simulations at the same time to allow you to show trends. For example, do I need shading on the south of my building and, if so, do I need lots or a little? In fact, where is the optimum? Same for glazing amount, type, insulation, PV, orientation, and lots more. 

How do I setup Natural Ventilation? 

In this video, we take a look at how to investigate the benefits of opening your windows! Depending on the climate, it may make the building more comfortable and save on energy associated with cooling and mechanical ventilation. By default, in Sefaira analysis, windows are closed and you control the amount of air you want in the space mechanically so there are a few ways you can compare this to a building with windows that open in different ways.


TIP: If you want to watch more videos on how to use Sefaira, you may want to visit these articles: 

If you have any comments or questions, please check out the SketchUp + Sefaira Forum 

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