How can I go about modeling a site with significant tree shading and differentiate summer from winter month due to the change in foliage density?

Here is a good workaround: 

  • Create a first Sketchup model with the "summer trees"
  • Create a second Sketchup model with the "winter trees"
  • Upload both models in Concept
  • Compare the results of the two models

If the results are quite similar, it means that the trees do not have a high impact on energy consumption and can then use only one of the two models. If the two models results are very different, the work around that we would advise is to mix the results of two models. For each model you can export in excel the monthly consumption break down. You can then keep the summer months for the "summer trees" model and the winter month for the "winter trees" model.

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    Jesse Crupper

    How would you recommend modeling these trees.  Exploding 2-d trees and defining them as shading?

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    Juan Garduno

    Would a similar strategy be used for comparing a "school" program to differentiate winter (occupied building) from summer (mostly un-occupied)?

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    April Lutheran

    Juan, Yes you could do a similar process for changes in occupancy by running and exporting the results for the two different occupancy values.

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    Alex Stein

    What about Trees in Revit?