How do I set my building’s orientation in SketchUp?

In SketchUp, the True North is located along the green axis. An easy way to remember it is to go in ‘Plan View’ and see that the the green axis is pointing up towards the True North. See the two images below.

2014-08-22_14-27-57.png       2014-08-22_14-28-21.png

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    Rene Amerongen

    This is not true. According to the help text from Trimble, The green axis can point anyware. They wrote 

    "SketchUp operates on a 3D axes system with no particular orientation to a geographic coordinate system. This means that your model, by default, is not referenced to a particular geographic direction."

    If there is no location set or there is not set a true north set with the "True North" extension, the green axes doesn't point to north.

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