In our office we do not use SketchUp, but we use Rhino/ArchiCAD/3DStudioMax/AutoCAD etc. Can we still use Sefaira?

Yes, you can still use Sefaira. Most other architectural design applications support export to SketchUp, or to open source 3D file formats such as Collada. These files can then be imported into SketchUp to be analyzed with Sefaira.  

HOWEVER, keep in mind that models will only analyze properly if they are modeled in accordance with our modeling guidelines.  Typically, models that are imported into SketchUp (from Rhino and ArchiCAD especially) contain triangulated geometry, wall/roof/floor thicknesses, extra geometry unneeded for the analysis, etc.. .  You may need to significantly simplify an imported model or group the imported model to redraw a Sefaira analysis model over the imported geometry. 

If you want to watch videos on how to prepare your model in SketchUp or Revit, visit these articles:

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    Steven Putt

    Is Sefaira working towards a version of Sefaira for Rhino? I know there would be a huge interest in Sefaira for Rhino because of Sefaira's potential of being combined with the parametric plugin Grasshopper.

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    Mads Jensen

    Hi Steven - many thanks for your comments. We evaluate support for new design platforms on an ongoing basis, and work in close collaboration with our customers to determine how to expand our capabilities. The best way to influence the direction of our roadmap work is to talk to your account manager or Customer Success Manager, and they will make sure your priorities are included as part of our regular roadmap reviews.