30 Day Trials

Sefaira offers a free 30-day trial for eligible users.

This article explains:

  • How trials work
  • How we determine eligibility
  • How to ask for a trial
  • How trials work when you are sharing projects

Trial Eligibility

You are automatically eligible for a full Sefaira trial if:

  • you have never had a Sefaira account before, or,
  • you had an account but has never logged in. 

If you have used Sefaira before, but don't have access you will need to ask us to change your eligibility and a decision will be made by the account manager involved. 

Trials are offered in good faith that it's a way to test the product is suitable for you. It is not intended to be a way to provide short periods for commercial use. If you get commercial value from Sefaira while using it on a trial, please purchase a license

How does the trial work

Key information about trials:

  • You will get access to Sefaira for 30 days
  • The trial starts from the moment you activate it and set your password.
  • You will get access to all parts of Sefaira.
  • If you provided with a trial via sharing, you will be added to the account of the sharer. If you decide to purchase at the end of the trial you can be moved to a separate account.
  • If you are provided with a trial from Sefaira and your company does not have an account with us, we'll create one specifically for your trial.
  • If you are given a trial from Sefaira and your company already has an account with us, we will add you to that account (for larger firms we will discuss whether this is appropriate first) and the administrators of that account will be informed.
  • SketchUp access is not currently included in the Sefaira trial - if you do not have SketchUp you can apply for a trial of SketchUp pro as well via the SketchUp website (www.sketchup.com) 
  • We reserve the right to switch-off trial access at any time if we feel the spirit of the trial terms are not being adhered to.

Requesting a trial from Sefaira

You may request a trial at any time by emailing support@sefaira.com or filling in some info at http://sefaira.com/contact/. Someone from Sefaira or SketchUp's commercial team will be in touch to ask a few questions and will ultimately set up the account for you.

Being given a trial as part of project sharing

When someone shares a project, if the person they are sharing with does not have access and is eligible for a trial, they will automatically be granted a trial.

To do this, the person sharing just needs to share a project with the user within the web application (see below).

The person who is shared on the project will get an email from Sefaira on the sharer's behalf. It will tell the person the name and company of the person who has shared the project.

They will be formed of their eligibility and will be given guidance on how to get access if they are not eligible.

There is no limit to how many people can be added to a project.







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