30 Day Trials

Are Sefaira trials still available??

Sefaira trials are available to qualified prospects who would like to try Sefaira out before making a decision to purchase.

Trials are available to commercial customers with a business email who have not recently trialed Sefaira before.

The trials are run at a company level, so when you start a trial, you can request to have access for more than one person.

Does the Studio Trial still include Sefaira?

No. The commercial version of SketchUp Studio does not include Sefaira anymore so neither does the trial.

What's included in the Sefaira trial?

Access to both plugins and the web-app. If you also need to trial SketchUp, you need to separately ask for a SketchUp trial.

How to request a trial.

You can request for the 30 day trial here. Once filled and submitted, one of our representatives will set you up for the 30 day trial.

  • After signing up to the trial, you'll be prompted to create a Trimble ID - this is necessary for the entitlement. 
  • Please note these modelling guidelines to ensure that your model is set up correctly
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  • Avatar
    Stefano Cittolin

    Where can I get a Sefaira License??

  • Avatar
    Sam Merklein

    what about revit plug-in

  • Avatar
    Allison Vosicky

    Is it possible to get a trial and/or license without using sketchup?
    We use Revit exclusively.

  • Avatar
    Andres Caceres

    Where can I download the Sefaira pluging trial for Revit?

  • Avatar
    daniel Patterson

    why is no one from Sefaira responding to the email form days after submitting???