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How to report daylight images from Sefaira

Sefaira provides many output assets including .png images of our daylight analysis in the Sefaira plugin. These Sefaira daylight simulations take from 10s to 4/5mins and so each new idea can be quickly tested. This allows the user to start with a suggested design, test many ideas and improve that design before sharing the new design with both colleagues and clients. 


This short article provides an example template - attached below for you to download and use - for using Sefaira's SketchUp plugin to analyse a building's daylight and communicate that with others.






How to do it

  1. Open your SketchUp model,
  2. Open the Sefaira Plugin (Extensions > Sefaira),
  3. Set to 'Daylight Analysis',
  4. Click "Open daylight visualisation"
  5. Setup inputs (Building Type + Location + Envelope&Load Baseline),
  6. Check Entities,
  7. Click Update Analysis,
  8. Turn on context,
  9. Rotate model to preferred angle/view,
  10. Download daylight results image,
  11. Open SketchUp Layout,
  12. Open the template from this article,
  13. Insert images or views of your current 3D model,
  14. Repeat until building is perfect! 




If you have any comments or questions, please check out the SketchUp + Sefaira Forum or contact

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