Producing Daylighting Graphics and Reports

Let's say, for a design competition proposal, we want to to show that there is adequate daylighting in all key areas of the building throughout the year. We can do so by using the snapshot tool within Sefaira's Daylighting Visualization to create presentation images.

In this specific scenario, we want to look at the annual availability as well as a few key dates in the year and export images to be included in a design proposal.

We will start by looking at our annual availability for the year. 


In this example, the floor plate height, which is adjustable, is set to 2.79ft (.85m). There has also been a minimum illuminance of 28 footcandles (300lux) set. Use the snapshoot tool to capture the isometric view. 


Next, we have been asked to report if there is sufficient daylight during the winter and/or too much daylight during the summer. We will use the Date & Time daylight visualization to assess daylight levels when the sun is highest and lowest, on June 21st and December 21st respectively.

Select the calendar icon, input your desired date and time, and click "Update Analysis". When results have returned, you can download any floor plan image by selecting the download icon to the right of the floor in the list on the right. 

Sefaira-Daylighting-floor-5.png  Sefaira-Daylighting-floor-6.png

These floor plan images, combined with your annual daylighting snapshot will help you and your audience understand how successful your daylighting strategies have been.  

For more information on the various types of daylighting analysis, please visit

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    Tom Greene

    No sound for the video when sound worked for other programs...

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    Alyson Hallander

    Hi Tom,
    We intentionally left sound out of this video. Instead of verbal guidance, we added written direction in the blue box at the bottom left of the video. Would you have preferred sound instructions instead of the written instructions?

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    Ilaria Bagalini

    what should I do/ check if sefaira doesn't produce my daylight graphics?

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    Alyson Hallander

    Hi Ilaria, we will email you about your issue. In the future, commercial users can email for help.  Students should reach out to their professor/instructor for assistance; professors/instructors can reach out to us if they cannot sort out the issue.

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    Khairul Ihsan

    HI are we be able to create a daylight factor graph vs hour?