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It's quite common to end up with your Trimble ID (TID - this is your email used to login) being associated with more than one Trimble Account (usually a company or institution). 

When projects are created in the Sefaira web-application, those projects are associated with an account. The space use templates are also associated with that account.

This article explains how to change which account is the "primary" account, where new Sefaira projects will be created.

Tell me more about multiple accounts?

Your Trimble ID (the email you use to login to Trimble, SketchUp and Sefaira products) can easily end up being associated with multiple accounts. Typically this happens if you have multiple Trimble products or if you have created trials for your TID then purchased as part of a different account.

How do I know if I have multiple accounts?

To find out which accounts your TID is associated with and which one is the currently active (primary), click on your avatar in the upper right hand corner.




If you have multiple accounts, you can only be logged into one at a time and your current (active) account will be listed under the account dropdown.



To see which other accounts you are associated with and to make other account active, click on the drop-down.



In case that you have only one account your window will look like as following:




Why does my account matter for Sefaira?

Each project in the Sefaira web-app is associated with an account. You can see the account the project is associated with on the projects page. For example, in the project below, the account it is associated with is "AMPLITUDE-TEST-WS"


If you want to create and use space use templates, those templates are associated with the account the project was created with. The example below shows the default options.


If you think you should be seeing some space use templates but are not it might be because your primary account is different to the one your space use templates were saved in.

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