Revit Plugin Troubleshooting - July 2019

On Wednesday July 10, 2019, we'll be making changes to the way the Trimble Login pop-up works in Revit that may affect the ability of some users to login.

The problem can be easily fixed by running a batch file which will upgrade the version of IE that the plugin looks at when logging in.

To apply the patch, follow the following steps:

  1. Close Revit.
  2. Download this zip file and save it locally. 
  3. Open and extract the file "Login-fix-for-Sefaira.bat"
  4. Run the file "Login-fix-for-Sefaira.bat"
  5. Reopen Revit and try logging in again.

There should be no issues to other applications or to Revit when using this patch but if you want to undo the changes, an undo batch file will be created when the first file is run that will return the system to the way it was.

The file will be called "Undo-Login-fix-for-Sefaira.bat"

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