Empty/blank window when I open the Sefaira plugin (Mac Only)

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You see an empty window when you open the Sefaira plugin on your Mac machine. Typically the plugin should load within a few seconds but if it does not then please follow the steps below:

  • download the attached file "sfs_conf.json" (Located at the bottom of the article) Note: The .json file might download as a .txt file instead. In that case rename the file by deleting the .txt and saving it as sfs_conf.json.

  • close any instance of SketchUp running on your machine

  • move the file sfs_conf.json into the Sefaira folder. From the 'GO' menu navigation select >> 'Go to Folder' >> and type: /tmp/Sefaira OR /temp/Sefaira >> and click Go 

  • after copying the .json file into the Sefaira folder >> go ahead and open SketchUp and the Sefaira extension from the extensions dropdown

  • a popup should appear >> click OK

  • a console should open towards the bottom of the plugin, if it is not visible then click the icon on bottom right (Note: sometimes, depending on your Mac you might see a console where the lettering does not overlap seamlessly. You will still see an empty box in the console where you can type into)

  • in the console paste the following command: window.location="https://accounts.habitat.sketchup.com/login?destination=https://skpplugin.sefaira.sketchup.com/api/concept/s/plugin/plugin.html?version=2.7.4&firebug=true"(Important: Paste the complete command beginning with "window.location = "https.....)


  • press Enter >> this should redirect you to login page

  • login into the Sefaira plugin and check if the plugin loads

  • once the plugin loads >> remove the sfs_conf.json file from the Sefaira folder on your machine.

As always, if you continue to experience difficulty please check to see if others have experienced similar issues that have been solved in our forums or contact our support team



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    Stelle S

    It gives something new but still doesn't resolve the problem. I managed to get to the Sefaira plugin, but after I input my user ID and password, it was blank white page again.

  • Avatar
    Daniel George Nahabwe

    I have applied the process in article above, no change noted. Am using MacOS Version 10.14.5. Any solutions yet?

    Edited by Daniel George Nahabwe
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    Laura Thomashoff

    Have done as instructed, but no change. It still won't give me the option to log into Sefaira. The terminal isn't legible. Any suggestions?

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    Daniel George Nahabwe

    When you download the attached file, it downloads as a .txt file.
    Rename the file by removing the .txt name only and leave the rest, it will ask you to confirm changes and confirm.
    Follow The rest of the prompts. It will work.
    I had a similar issue and I did this and it worked

  • Avatar
    Laura Thomashoff

    I've tried doing that. However the file does download as .json. I have tried deleting the extension, but then Sketchup does not recognise it. So then I'm back to the blank login screen for Sefaira for the plugin...
    I'm on Sketchup 2018 and MacOS 10.15.6

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    Laura Thomashoff

    Hang on! I realised I didn't copy the command correctly! Thanks for the help in any case :)