Sharing Projects

Why share projects?

If you're working on a project with other design professionals, a great way to collaborate and speed up the process is to share your project.

If you're an architect, you might want to share your project with an engineer or energy modeller using systems so they can set the HVAC system up for you the way it's likely to get applied to the project. That way you can test the envelope design strategies in the context of the actual system that's proposed, making the results more accurate.

If you're an engineer or energy modeller, you might want to share your project with an architect so they can explore envelope options in the context of your design. You might want to consider setting targets relating to peak cooling load, energy or comfort so the architect can have a clear target to design towards.

How it works

To share a project, click "Manage Team" either on the projects page or on the project.


You can share projects two ways:

  • with people in your firm via a dropdown list of colleagues
  • with people outside of your firm (or within your firm) by typing in their email address

Once a project is shared, anyone who has access can see everything to do with the project, change inputs and run new options. If you're worried the person you're sharing with will delete or change options you have created, make a copy of your project first.

Once it's shared...

When you share the project, the person you share with will see the project based on their permissions. So, for example if they have Systems, they will be able to see and edit HVAC components in the project.

If they have Architecture (Strategies) then they will not see the HVAC input and output tabs but the project will still run with whatever inputs have been established by a Systems user (if they've made changes).

The space use templates will include whatever templates the firm owns the project has. 

How to use your Managed Subscription to Share with non-Sefaira users...

You might want to share your project and the person in another firm does not have Sefaira.

If you have a managed license (5 or more seats) you can get around this by doing the following:

  1. Create a new user in your own firm with an email address that the person you want to share the project with
  2. Assign one of your licenses to that person
  3. Share the project with that person

You'll need to share a license with Systems if you want the person you're sharing with the be able see the Systems view of the project.

Later on you can re-assign the license to someone else. Remember if you do, that person will not be able to see the project anymore or login.


We don't tell the person you've shared the project with that it's been shared. That's up to you.

We can't tell you whether the email you've typed in is associated with an actual customer for privacy reasons.

Currently only the owner can share a project although we're looking for feedback on this as it might be reasonable for others to share. (you can share a project someone else is the owner of by copying it then sharing the copy).


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