What is the difference between different EnergyPlus versions?

EnergyPlus is an open source building physics engine that is used by Sefaira to do analysis.

EnergyPlus is administered by the US Department of Energy, who typically update the version of EnergyPlus every six months.

Which version am I using?

Sefaira runs a single EnergyPlus version for all iterations within a project.

Before 12 August, 2016, all Sefaira projects ran on version 8.3.

Since 12 August, 2016, new projects are set up to run on the latest version of EnergyPlus, which is currently v8.5. Old projects retain the version they were set up with.

You can see on the projects page which version of EnergyPlus you are running and you can also update to the latest version or revert to an older version.

Why should I update the version I'm using?

EnergyPlus typically runs faster in the later versions.

There are also important bug fixes released with each version.

Links to EnergyPlus change logs

To find out more about version improvements, click the links below:

EnergyPlus 8.6 improvements and fixes

EnergyPlus 8.5 improvements and fixes

EnergyPlus 8.4 improvements and fixes

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