Envelope Optimizations: Glazing U-Factor

How does the U-factor of my glazing affect building performance?

The Glazing U-factor characterizes the amount of heat that can be transferred across your building's glazing. Sefaira considers a single U-factor for all transparent areas in your model, though you can choose unique values per facade using the Sefaira Web App. (Note, you may also wish to include a frame-factor into this value.)

You can assess the relative impact that U-factor will have on your design through via the Plugin's Sankey diagram (below) or by using the Response Curve feature in the Web App. (The diagram below suggests that, in this case, U-factor does not have as significant an impact on performance as other factors.)

The lower the U-factor, the greater the resistance to heat transfer. Consider Wall R-value, Glazing U-factor, and Glazing SHGC when optimizing your envelope.


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