Explainer - Turn off heating and/or cooling in your Air Handling Unit

Which systems can I turn off heating/cooling and why?

With Sefaira Systems, you now have the option to turn off heating and/or cooling in your air handling unit. This option is available for VRF, Fan Coils, Chilled Beams, Heating + Ventilation and Radiant Panels (beta). 

This improvement lets you investigate the MVHR system; if the heat recovery can't hit the set point then the zone level heating will.

To turn off heating and/or cooling at the AHU

  1. Go to the "Air Side" tab,
  2. In the Central Air Handling Unit click on "Cooling coil source" or "Heating coil source" and,
  3. Select the "No Heating" or "No Cooling" option. 

What output should you expect 

Open the "Energy breakdown" pie chart and select heating or cooling, the AHU energy should be equal to 0. The Zone level heating/cooling consumption will likely have increased.


Your building will still be conditioned with heating and cooling, however, the load will be met using the terminal unit. This means that the Energy break down will still show cooling and heating energy consumption. 

Peak Load sizing conditions will require further investigation.

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