Use Case - Controls for heating Ramp Up times

How can I reduce my peak heating? 

Or how can I warm up/cool down my building before occupancy?

Buildings heat and cool over a 24 hour cycle but heating peaks can occur in winter as the building is 'waking up'. To reduce the total peak shock that a building and its systems experience first thing in the morning it can make sense to ramp up from too cold to the desired setpoint a few hours before people enter the building. 

How do I do this in Sefaira?

We can change the ramp up time in the web application;


Which has an effect on 'Warmup Load' in the Peak Loads tab and 'Heating Equipment Design Capacity' in the Plant Sizing tab.

Changing this to ramp up over 4 hours gives a reduction of heating plant size of 20kW as well as other effects;


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