Ignore for Sefaira for Revit

Use 'Ignore for Sefaira' to remove Revit elements from analysis for Sefaira.

In the example below, the model contains an exterior floor which would inflate the overall square footage of the design. Also, there are short parapet walls which would increase the amount of heat gain due to the exterior wall surfaces. Both should not be in the view used for analysis and tagged as 'Ignore for Sefaira'. 


Alternatively, since Sefaira for Revit only reads elements currently visible in the view, using Revit's visibility graphics or hide in view can also be used to remove elements from the analysis. The only downfall to this method over tagging as 'Ignore for Sefaira' is re-running Generate Views will reset the view to re-include any elements which have been hidden by right clicking "hide in view". 'Ignore for Sefaira' will be maintained no matter how many times Generate Views is run. 

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