Requesting technical support for Sefaira

What should I do if I have a technical issue I cannot resolve?

Our goal is firstly to help all users unblock themselves! This Sefaira knowledgebase and our youtube channel have lots of useful information to help you if you get stuck.

However sometimes you might find that information is not enough to help you out. Here are some ways you can get more help.

If the model doesn't work, do some troubleshooting of your own first

Lots of folks assume that the problem is at our end without doing some simple tests first. Here are some checks that you can do before talking to anyone that will help narrow down the problem.

1) Can you login?

2) Do you meet your system requirements?

3) Does a simple model work properly and return results (a simple box with one window, for example)? 

If the answer is yes for all for all of the above, the problem is almost always an issue of geometry. Your model may be too large for us to parse, have too many shading planes, or it might have geometric elements that are causing issues. Knowing this is where you are is a great start.

Try the forum first

The Sefaira forum is regularly (not always) monitored by support people at SketchUp as well as other customers and users. If you post an issue here, it will often be the fastest way to get help. 

We also have a page where known downtime is announced (both scheduled and unscheduled). If something seems to be wrong with information being sent back and forth to our systems, this might be a good place to check.

The forum is especially handy if you have technical questions about parts of Sefaira you don't understand. Some people on the forum may also be willing to help you troubleshoot a model.

Can I get help with preparing a model for Sefaira?

Unless we have a specific arrangement with your account, we're probably not going to be in a position to help you fix a model you're having trouble with. This is because the effort on our side can be very substantial. Our best advice is to go back and check our support information or seek help on the forum.

What if I really need to contact customer support?

Paying commercial subscribers can log support tickets here. Unfortunately we cannot help customers on student licenses with support requests.

This form goes first to front-line support for all of SketchUp, and then gets routed to a customer support agent who, depending on your issue, will get in touch and support you. It's a really good idea to add as much information as you can to your support request.

What to add to a technical support request

If you're going to submit a technical support request, you'll have more success if you attach the following:

  • steps to reproduce your issue, starting with something that works.
  • screen shots of things that don't work / error messages you are seeing
  • the project url (if you are using the web-application)
  • The session file (see below).
  • Your name, email and Sefaira account name.

Good luck!

How to find and download the session file 

  • Open your file explorer,

  • Type in the Destination Bar - %temp%\Sefaira and hit enter,


  • Copy and paste the relevant file into an email to your customer success representative. File (1) if you have been experiencing issues in SketchUp and file (2) if you have been experiencing issues in Revit.



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