Saving a Custom Baseline in RTA

Sefaira for SketchUp and Sefaira for Revit are both pre-loaded with several standard baselines to choose from. Users are also able to create and save their own custom baselines.  Visit the typical baselines page for a list of popular design standards and baselines.  To create a custom baseline, follow the steps below:

1. Open the properties tab within the plugin.
2. Set the envelope properties to the desired baseline values
3. From the baseline drop down menu, click '+Save current Inputs as Baseline'. 
4. A box will appear, give the baseline a name and click the '+'.  Done!


If you use both Sefaira for SketchUp and Sefaira for Revit, you only need to create the custom baseline once and it will automatically be available in the other plugin. 

If a baseline needs to be removed, just click the red x at the end of the name. This will remove the baseline from both plugins so be certain before you delete, there is no way to restore a custom baseline. 

The ‘Properties’ defined in the Sefaira Real Time Analysis (RTA) plugin are translated automatically to the project when it is uploaded to the Web Application.  This only occurs if you have the RTA window open; if RTA is closed, a default baseline will be assumed in the Web Application. Since your project may have additional options — including but not limited to HVAC, Water and Renewable Energy strategies, we recommend tailoring these additional values once you have entered your Sefaira Web Application project. 

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    Tim Harland

    How do we create office wide baselines? Ie share setting between users?

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    Alyson Hallander

    Hi Tim,

    I realize this is a late reply to your comment and I am sorry for that. You cannot, at this time, create an office wide baseline. What I suggest is to compile a document outlining the template for each user to create on their own in the plugin. Each user will only have to create the saved baseline once.


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    Henry Fitzgibbon

    I have two issues I would like help solving.

    1. Creating custom baselines in the Sketchup plug-in is limiting because it does not allow accuracy. The sliders are not able to hit exact numbers.

    2. The custom baseline is not showing up in the drop-down menu of the web application, even after the baseline was created and the model was re-uploaded via the Sketchup plugin.

    Can anyone help solve these issues? Thanks!