How do I manage my organization's licences? (add new users, edit licences, check access, etc)

Note: You must be a Sefaira license administrator to manage your organization's account. To see if you are an administrator, follow the steps below and you should be taken to a dashboard with the ability to add/edit users within your organization.

If you are not an administrator, but think you should be, please contact to request administrator rights.

 How to add new users or edit existing ones in Sefaira - Account Management Dashboard

 To access the User Management dashboard;

  • visit the and sign in with your Sefaira email address and password, or,
  • from within the web application, click on your name and then the "Account Management" option from the drop down - see image below 


You should see the User Management dashboard and be able to manage your firm's account.

In the example below, the dashboard shows Rob (admin) with access to the dashboard. Rob can now do several things; add a new user, add a long list of new users, edit existing user's licences, disable on old user who may have left the company, update info such as email address or office;



 1. Follow these steps to add a new user

  1. Click the green "Add New User" button,
  2. Fill in the user's information,
  3. Click "Save",
  4. Click the green light buttons to enable the user for each Sefaira product;
    • There are currently three Sefaira products
      • Sefaira Architecture,
      • Sefaira Systems,
      • Sefaira Architecture & Systems
    • You will see the number and type of licences that you have paid for and should allocate,
    • You cannot oversubscribe licences,
    • You cannot do anything that will cost you more money!
    • Each user that you add will receive an email with next steps,
    • Each user will have access to a plugin and a web application and this will be explained to them in the next steps email they automatically receive
  5. When all licences have been allocated you will not be able to turn on any more green lights





2. Follow these steps for adding/editing multiple licenses at once 

For less than ~5 users we recommend using the steps below; 

  1. Select the green checkmark to the left of the "Status" column. This will select all of the users in the account,  
  2. Uncheck any accounts you do not intend to edit,
  3. Click the "Allocate Licenses" button at the top right of the page,
  4. Select the relevant Sefaira product;
    • Architecture,
    • Systems,
    • Architecture & Systems
  5. Click "Allocate."




Are you a large organisation or educational program (SEP) admin?

For more than ~5 users we recommend using Bulk Upload and Sync.

  1. Click the "Bulk Invite" button at the top of the page,
  2. Follow the instructions outlined on the bulk invite page for filling out the .csv template,
      • Note this option allows you to SYNC users too which can be a major timesaver. This means that if you add a large number of users to an existing large number of users you can upload and sync the combined list and everything will update in Sefaira.



What are the numbers at the bottom of the page?

See image below:


How do I edit a user's name or email address?

  1. Click the green checkmark next to the user's name.
  2. Click the pencil button at the top right of the page,
  3. Complete editing user's details
    • Note that editing an email address will reset the user's account so take care with email addresses 

 How do I delete a user?

  1. Click the green checkmark next to the user's name.
  2. Click the trash bin button at the top right of the page,
  3. Complete deletion of user
    • Note that disabling the user may be preferential. Their projects will be saved for a period of time and they can be restored more easily.

What if I accidentally delete a user?

  1. Contact us at  We can restore the user.

General Notes 

Users are only able to access Sefaira from the following Web Browsers:

Internet Explorer 10 or 11

Google Chrome


See here for more information on system requirements.

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