Use Case - Exploring Zone Sizing and Problem Zones

In the Zone Sizing section you can see the fraction of;

  • Design Airflow (for air conditioning),
  • Outside Air Flow (for minimum fresh air rate),
  • Cooling Capacity,
  • Heating Capacity

that is associated with each zone.

In this example, we have clicked on Floor 10 to see in more detail the Core and Perimeter zones of the building. 



This will be recalculated and saved for every strategy that you investigate.

For example, by changing the SHGC of the glazing in a new strategy the relative size of the loads in the zone will change. In this example we have reduced the SHGC to represent more reflective glazing and the Cooling Capacity has reduced in every zone;



This information can then be further clarified by ticking the 'Area weighted values' box.



Units can be further changed at the top of the page beside your login name



Any other changes to Envelope, Internal Conditions, Air Side and Water Side inputs will cause the output to automatically update,

Currently, screenshot are the most user friendly way of taking this output out of Sefaira. 


For information on the export output formats see our report export page.



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