Use Case - Keep your Cooling load under 100W/m2 in every zone

You have are designing a System that requires to keep the peak cooling load below 100W/m2 in each zone. The Sefaira web application can show you if the target has been reached and if not how to control the peak loads.


Step 1 - Create a project and set it up with a baseline system



Step 2 - Identify zones with a Peak Load above 100W/m2

  • Click on the Peak Loads output tab
  • Tick the box to mark zones with an "!" if they exceed the threshold 
  • That Threshold is default to 100W/m2, but you can change it to any value

  • You can see here each floor has at least a zone that goes above 100W/m2.
  • You can click on each floor to see the zone break down

Step 3 - Identify how to reduce the load

  • You can now see which zone has a load above your threshold
  • Click on a zone to see the load break down

  • In this case I can see that the solar gain is driving my peak cooling load. I will try a shading strategy to reduce this one.

Step 4 - Create strategies to reduce the peak load

  • Click on "Clone Concept" in the baseline scenario

  • Now that you have created a clone of your baseline, you can click on it to open it. Feel free to now change some of the inputs to create your strategy. In this case I will try a shading strategy.

  • Sefaira runs the simulation. I can go back to my peak loads and now see that none of the zones exceed 100W/m2.

To understand more about Zone Sizing outputs in Sefaira click here.

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