Extension Daylight Outputs

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Daylight Factor Daylight_Factor_-_room.png   CIE Overcast Sky. Room level average
sDA/ASE  Sefaira-Daylighting-snapshot__2_.png   As per LEED v4
Annual sDA Sefaira-Daylighting-snapshot__2_.png   Threshold user defined at 300 lux. Can be changed to e.g. 1,000 lux
Direct Sunlight Sefaira-Daylighting-snapshot__1_.png    Example is New York, June 21st, min 3hrs per range, Range 9am-3pm
Specific Hour Daylight  Sefaira-Daylighting-snapshot__3_.png   Example is New York, March 21st, 9am-10am
Realtime Dashboard   dashboard.PNG  
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