Point Daylight Factor (workaround explained)

Daylight Factor (Average)

Sefaira provides average daylight factor by running a Daylight Factor (DF) simulation and clicking on any "floor" entity within the Daylighting Visualization window.

Below is an example of three typical rooms with a single window on the East elevation and the average daylight factors calculated by Sefaira. 



What about Point Daylight Factor?


We do not yet provide the ability to click on a particular point and see point daylight factor. Here we provide a workaround to approximate point daylight factor within Sefaira. We will do so by drawing a small square "floor" section at the area we want to measure point daylight factor.

At this point, it is advisable to refresh your memory on how Sefaira creates its daylight sensor grid, what materials are used and how Sefaira simulates daylight.

As our model is quite small, we will try drawing a small point sensor square where we want to see "point daylight factor".



Below are the results;







  1. Below is an example of 0.6m x 0.6m square placed in its first location producing NO RESULTS - so you may need to move your square around the floor surface to "capture" the right sensor information to produce results. If you get a white square, move the square 10mm to the left or right and update the anaylsis,
  2. In the 3m x 6m room it was not possible to obtain results ANYWHERE with a square of 0.6m x 0.6m. In this case, the sensor grid spacing and calculation requires a larger point sensor square so we change to 1m x 1m and get results - so if, after a few tries with a small point sensor square, you do not get results, enlarge your square a little and update the analysis,
  3. Uniformity Ratio is 1 in all of the above cases - so if Uniformity ratio is not 1 try moving the square or making it slightly smaller and updating your results,
  4. Sefaira provides comparative analysis of average daylight factors and this workaround will approximate point daylight factor but not guarantee that it is a single sensor point at the centre of the square or similar. Always provide the analysis assumptions provided in the above links when presenting "point daylight factor" results from Sefaira




If you have any further queries, please let us know at support@sefaira.com

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