Suggested Revit Window Family to Avoid Plane Count Error

This article only applies to the Sefaira for Revit Real Time Analysis plugin.

When running the plugin for energy and daylighting analysis, Sefaira translates every single plane of geometry in each item it "sees" in the analysis views.  Sefaira calculates a total plane count from this translation.  For fixed window families, Sefaira looks at the frame, glass, and any other geometry in the family type to calculate the plane count per window.  One single window with heavy framing can substantially drive up the plane count.

To avoid glazing plane count errors or analysis timeouts, we suggest using the window family attached to this article for all fixed windows.

Note: If you are ONLY uploading your model to the Web Application, you do NOT need to change your window families to the simple Sefaira fixed family.  Window plane count simplification is done in the Web Application.

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