I only use the SketchUp or Revit plugin - how does this affect me?

Plugin runs are now only in EnergyPlus

The plugin previously had 2 modes of operation for energy calculations - EnergyPlus and Fulcrum.

It now only runs in EnergyPlus. This has some implications:

  • Your model should now have results that are the same or very close to the same as the new web application results.
  • Models with lots of shading planes will run more slowly. This is because EnergyPlus does not cope well with substantial increases in shading plane counts. We're working on making this better.

Try the web-application out - it has a lot of great features

If you'd like to try out the new web application, go to sefaira.sketchup.com and use your normal login. When you get into the web application you'll see we've added a series of sample projects to your account to help you get started and see what sorts of studies are feasible. You can also book web app training on that page.

When you “Upload to Sefaira” from your design environment, we will automatically take you to the new web application. It's a great way to study your design options in more detail and generate comparative studies of options, including comparing building form options.

Using the old web application

You can still use the old web application if you used it a long time ago or if someone has shared a project with you. If you want to create projects in it you will need to change your settings if you do not have Systems or if you haven't used the old web app in a while.

The old web application will no longer be available for new projects after September 15 and will not be available for use after this year.

We certainly hope you are as excited as we are for this landmark event in our product history. Thank you for being a part of Sefaira. We wish you the best as you continue to pursue the highest-performing designs!


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