Radiant Floor

Radiant Floor

A radiant floor element replaces the fan coil units for the radiant panel option.

The table below describes the key properties of the zone level Fan Coil Units for this system:

Fan Coil Unit Feature


Extent of user-control

Heating Coil Type

Hot water

Can change to electric coil

Cooling Type

Chilled Water

No control

Temperature Control Method

Operative Temperature. Note this means that the setpoints in internal conditions become operative temperature setpoints

User can change to dry bulb or radiant temperature.

Surfaces conditioned

Floor only

No Control

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    Philip Horn

    Dear April,
    To understand this Setting better:
    Does the Radiant floor works for heating and cooling?
    I would like to set the sending temperature of the radiant floor fluid Loop for heating (i.e. 30°C) and cooling (i.e. 20°C) --> how can I do this? the heating hot water loop's Minimum temp is 50°C (at least for gas boiler- heat pump seems to work with lower Temp-levels) and the chiller Loop Maximum is 15°C, so I assume that those values are for the air System which is still active in paralell to the Radiant floor?
    But how can I then modify/see the Radiant floor Parameters?

    Would be great if you could clarify this!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Efthimios Pariotis

    Apart from the previous question regarding the temperature control of the water flowing inside the Radiant floor area, could you please explain if sefaira can simulate the heating with radiator panels ( feed temperature 75oC)?