Bulk Invite and Keep Users in Sync Option

This feature is for Contract Admin Primary (CAP) or Contract Admin's (CA) and allows the Sefaira user list to be populated based off of an excel spreadsheet. The following article follows the steps to use this feature and the expected outcomes. 

As an example,  a brand new account has a CAP and is entitled to Sefaira Architecture and Systems. Start by clicking on the blue "BULK INVITE" button, then follow the steps to upload an excel spreadsheet.




Back on the Dashboard page, there are now two new users.  


The keep users in sync features allows you to keep the Sefaira user list consistent with an excel spreadsheet. Comparing the existing user list (above) to our new excel sheet (below), User Sync One has switched from being a Systems user to an Architecture user and also moved to the London office. User Sync Two has been removed from the sheet and will therefore be removed as a Sefaira user. Lastly a new user, User Sync Three, will be added with access to Sefaira Architecture. 



This time when uploading the excel file, select "Keep our users in sync with the uploaded list". 



Note: If you are deleting a user, there is also an option to "Move projects for deleted users to our company's Contract Admin Primary (CAP). Leave the box unchecked if there is a chance the user may return as a Sefaira users, or if there is no need to keep their projects. 


The results after uploading with the feature of keeping the users in sync would be as shown below. 



For any questions, please contact our support team at support@sefaira.com.  

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