Uploading your own weather file to the web-application


Sefaira allows users to upload their own EnergyPlus weather files that are currently not available through our application or the weather files with the historical data for a particular location. 

Please note that when you are uploading your weather file, to upload an EnergyPlus weather file type that has the "epw" extension. If you would like to learn more about the data structure of the weather file, please see the AuxiliaryPrograms documentation that is available at the EnergyPlus website.  

Links to weather data

The following sites include additional sources of weather data which can be accessed for free and used with Sefaira.

How to upload a weather file

To upload you own weather file please click on the weather location link below the the project name

Than press the "Upload .epw file" button and select the file from your local computer.


Please note that uploaded weather file will only be available for this particular project that is currently active. If you would like to use the same weather file on a different project you will have to open that project first and than repeat the process.


Some users have reported issues with uploading files. The most common issue is with files that have been converted to a non-epw text format by your text editor or operating system without you realising.

Make sure when you upload the file it has the correct ".epw" extension as it won't work if it has, for example, a ".txt" extension (even if everything else is fine).

After uploading the new weather data you'll be prompted to start a new run. It's a good idea to make sure your model worked fine with a Sefaira weather file before uploading the new file. Then you will know there's an issue with the weather data if you see an error with the first simulation after uploading.

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