Section Boxes to analyse parts of my building

How can I analyse a part of my building without having to alter the geometry?

In certain instances you may want to analyse part of your building or a single building/floor/room within a project quickly with Sefaira. Here is a quick video showing how to use Revit's Section Boxes to do just that.

In general, windows and shading elements can increase the plane count significantly and this can increase the simulation time or even give errors - try a section box to get some results and then expand it to the whole model only once you have the initial feedback.




Note - there is no audio in this short video 

Full Disclosure: 1 minute of analysis time is chopped from the end of this video! Who wants to watch a spinning wheel?


A few points to note when following this method:

  • Any element which is part included within the Section Box will be fully included for the Sefaira analysis e.g. the external walls are a single element on each orientation in Revit and are contained on the second floor so Sefaira will analyse the whole wall even thought the first floor has been removed,
  • In this example, the windows on the second floor will be analysed but the windows on the first floor will not be,
  • You do not need to re-generate views for the analysis geometry to update 


You may also want to consider;



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